What is the Difference Between Summarizing and Critiquing an Article?

It is common to find many students and professionals confused about how to distinguish the two terms. In most cases, they confuse the two terms. However, not each of them gets better with time. As such, it is still easily confused when people attempt to compare the two words. The main difference between the two is that it is more of a descriptions and a critical analysis. It mainly focuses on description and not evaluation.

The two terms' denote either a summary of the content or a bold statement that expresses an opinion. When writing, you must write the information in your own words. You can describe your stand through direct quotes. Furthermore, some articles can have suggestions that might be applied to the body. These statements make the paper feel less structured. Hence it becomes easier for a reader to lose interest. Furthermore, a writer can maintain a sharp structure, making it easier for the readers to follow through with the discussion.

Examples of Writing Things Apart

When compared to summarizing an article, the two terms are often used interchangeably. It is also important to mention that the two papers have a few variations that people sometimes use to refer to the same content. A complete paper that is both informative and readable is called a thesis. This is because it factors in different things and provides a general hint of the type of paper you are writing. On the other hand, a rejected piece is called a synopsis. Ideally, your report interactive summarizing websites should contain two to three sentences. The sentence structure ought to be in the past tense, and it should do that throughout. Even so, a reader can tell whether the essay is worth reading or not.

However, a description is much shorter. It typically stands somewhere in the range of 100-150 words. The purpose of a short piece is to provide a brief description of something you were revising. You can also express your thoughts in a narrative style that is engaging. Whichever way you go, the reader should not struggle to understand the concept presented.

Genuineness of the Content

To characterize an article, it is crucial to know what you are supposed to say. Hence, it should not be a fact that read through the entire text. Describing things in an article is not wise as it gives you a misleading impression. Your task is to present something that you can critique. So, you have to put down precisely what you want to, and then evaluate it. Sometimes, a writer might have a straightforward question that the reader should answer. Or even questions.

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